JDV Transport B.V.

Transport mediation de Vries Beetgum BV was established on 08-05-1998.

At that time, we began with 2 planners and 1 part-time bookkeeper. Back then, the vehicle fleet consisted out of 12 trucks, 2 trailers and 10 container vehicles.

The current staff consists out of 5 employees, respectively 5 planners and 1 full-time administrative employee.

The current vehicle park consists of 36 trucks:

  • 25 Container vehicles with a volume of 85m3
  • 6 Walking Floors with a volume of 90m3
  • 3 20ft DV/HC Multifunctional chassis
  • 1 40ft DV/HC Multifunctional chassis
  • 1 LZV Multifunctional chassis

Multifunctional means that with this chassis we can do both turn-over as well as slant loading.

Our field of work includes all of Western Europe.
We are specialized in the transportation of general goods and we can also offer you the possibility to store and transfer your goods.

In case you are interested in a quotation regarding one of our services, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Kipper 60m³ walking floor 90m³ / 108m³

Container auto’s 80m³ / LZV 120m³

20ft / 40ft steillaad- & kipchassis

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